What can Sophia Weithaler do for you?

Working together to increase individual performance and organisational effectiveness.

Executive Coaching

Executives are often too busy and stressed to step back and learn from their experiences or to implement changes to satisfy best management practices.


Custom designed planning, team building and facilitation sessions. The true measure of an organisation is the success of its teams.

Team Development

Keeping your saw sharp.
Want to inspire, educate and motivate your teams?

Leadership Development

Individual executive and leadership development. Effective leadership inspires potential and gets oustanding results

Personal Development Coaching

Supporting teams and individuals to define and attain their personal and professional goals, resulting in powerful changes.


Bespoke consultancy tailored to meet the needs of both organisations and individuals.


A Professional Coach, Facilitator and Management Consultant who brings over 20 years of practical and management experience within the field of service development and service delivery within the UK public sector. Her background is both as a clinician and senior manager in health and service delivery and she works with individuals and teams in a variety of settings to increase individual performance and organisational effectiveness.

She has a warm and engaging style which assists and supports teams and individuals to define and attain their personal and professional goals, resulting in powerful changes for them in work performance, motivation, engagement and satisfaction. Sophia is an accredited Neuroleadership Group Coach and uses brain based coaching methods, cognitive approaches and Neuroleadership principles in her work with clients.

She enjoys the opportunity to work across both public and corporate sectors and gets most satisfaction from the experience of seeing her clients succeed. Sophia assists within the areas of leadership development, service development, individual executive coaching, team performance and resilience.

Sophia works with a variety of clients from managers, emerging leaders, those in career transition, team or individual roles and those experiencing work/life balance dilemmas.

Sophia Weithaler

Sophia Weithaler

Director at Sophia Weithaler Consulting Ltd

Skilled in Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Performance Improvement, Career Development, and Employee Engagement.

What clients say about Sophia



Lyn Allen [Practice Manager]

"Sophia provided consultancy in the set up of a new Mental Health Service for Karori Medical Centre. Her approach was completely professional and detailed, ensuring that this new service was quickly embedded and available for our patients. Sophia has also provided mentoring and coaching for several staff members through periods of change. I recommend Sophia and her services to any person or company who can see the future but not the way there. Her skills in guiding change are exceptional. "

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Pete Barton [Partnerships Development Manager]

"Sophia provided me with Executive Coaching over a 4 month period in 2013. This coaching was tailored incredibly well to where I was in my career and was specifically targeted towards helping me with my transition to a new management position. I received expert coaching on leadership development (touching on neuroleadership), coaching staff members, performance management and leadership and development of staff. This coaching also covered what I personally needed for success both at work and at home. My time with Sophia really allowed me to develop further self awareness and wholeheartedly increased my ability to influence and lead others. I highly recommend Sophia as an executive coach. "

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Paula Dixon [Business Manager, Strategy and Stewardship at Land Information New Zealand]

"Sophia coached me over the past six months as I transitioned off a 4 year journey on a joint agency programme, pondering what next. I needed a reset. Took less than a minute to figure out she was the right coach for me, took two sessions for me to realise the kind of impact and lasting impact she would have on me. Sophia is a gifted assessor of need, with the right level of push and challenge, and her supporting tools and guidance are invaluable. With Sophia's help I now have a clear path ahead, and I'm feeling truly empowered! "

Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching

Kath Norton [General Manager]

"Sophia coached me over the last 12months. Her skilled approach and use of coaching techniques and tools has been invaluable in supporting my transition to a portfolio career. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sophia and would recommend her as an executive coach. "

Professional Development Coaching

Professional Development Coaching

Angela Davis [Independant Contractor]

"Sophia is an insightful and considerate coach. I was impressed with how clearly Sophia could read any given situation and provide practical steps I could implement to get the best out of work and life. I would highly recommend Sophia to anyone looking for executive coaching and professional development. "

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Rebecca Cassam [Inter Agency Lead]

"Sophia is an incredibly intuitive and supportive Professional Coach. Her insight and helpful direction has been invaluable for me. Sophia has aided me in identifying areas I need to focus on and take the relevant steps towards a positive future direction. Her encouragement has enabled me to embed these changed behaviors into my daily life.
I would strongly recommend her for any person or company at a crossroads, or in need to define 'the next steps' "

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